Download Dialogue Platform

System Requirements

  • Minimum Java Version: 1.8

SiAM-dp is still under heavy development, therefore we do not currently provide “stable” releases. Nevertheless, the versions we provide offer a considerable range of features which have already been used in several projects and applications. Note however that version updates might introduce breaking changes!

The SiAM-dp runtime environment runs in Equinox OSGi. The SDK provides development tools for the creation of new dialogue applications and extends the Eclipse RCP with editors and wizards. Model descriptions are modeled with EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework).

Install with the Eclipse Installer

NOTE: Before downloading the SiAM-dp via the Eclipse installer, please create your own GitLab account by registering on the following website: Your account credentials will be needed later on during the installation process.

With the new version of Eclipse the Eclipse installer has been introduced, which allows to automate the process of downloading Eclipse, installing required plugins, setting up  necessary preferences, and creating a workspace.   We heavily recommend to use this way of installation.  You can download the Eclipse installer here.

  • After the download, start the installer and switch to the advanced mode.

  • Select “Eclipse Modeling Tools” and continue to the next screen.
  • Press on the Plus Icon “Add user project”.
  • Insert the following URL: and select the catalog.
  • Double-Click on the new entry in order to add the new entry to the table at the bottom of the window. The screen should now look like on the following picture. As Stream you can either select “ApplicationDevelopment” (no source code) or “SIAMPlatformDevelopment” (including source code):
    • The ApplicationDevelopment is suited best if you want to get started and create your own dialogue application or if you already have an existing dialogue application which you want to execute without implementing new features to the SiAM-dp. If you select “ApplicationDevelopment” you can import the example application of the tutorial that is provided here.
    • The SIAMPlatformDevelopment is suited best for those who want to start developing new features or editing existing dialogue applications using the integrated tools.


  • Follow the installation process. Here it is possible to define the directories for the Eclipse installation as well as the created workspace. The other settings should keep the default values. If prompted, accept requirements during this installation process.
  • After the installation process Eclipse will automatically start (this might take some minutes). Wait until Eclipse executed the startup tasks (process bar in the lower right corner). If prompted to enter username and password, enter the credentials of your previously created GitLab account (of the Forschungssoftware website).
  • NOTE: In case the startup task cannot be completed due to a “cannot open git-upload-pack” error you can resolve this by adding a git configuration entry in Eclipse as follows: Go to Windows -> Preferences and enter “git” in the textfield. Under Git go to Configuration, click on “Add Entry…”. As Key enter “http.sslVerify” and as Value enter “false”. Click on OK -> Apply -> OK. Go to Help -> Perform Setup Tasks and click on Finish. This will restart the setup process.
Getting Started

If you are new to the SiAM-dp we recommend taking a look at the tutorial (Creating your first dialogue application) which you can also find under “SiAM-dp – Documentation” on this website. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guidance through the most important basics of the SiAM-dp by creating your own example dialogue application. The resulting dialogue application of this tutorial can also directly be downloaded (First dialogue application (example from the tutorial)). Further information on how to extend existing Ecore models or connect devices to the SiAM-dp can also be found there as well as a documentation of the Audio Manager which is also part of the example dialogue application of the tutorial.

In case you want to contribute new features to the SiAM-dp or your own dialogue applications you can create your own branch in the GitLab of the Forschungssoftware website. If you have further questions, suggestions or problems installing the SiAM-dp please contact   Vanessa . Hahn at dfki . de.


If you have installed SiAM-dp with the Eclipse Installer, you can easily update to a newer version by performing the setup task again. This will automatically download the newest version of sdk and runtime environment.


 Install into an exisiting Eclipse Mars environment:


  • Eclipse Version: Luna Eclipse Modeling Tools

Before installing the SiAM-dp platform you need to download the Eclipse Modeling Tools package solution. The actual version exlusivley runs in Eclipse Mars.

SiAM-dp uses the plug-in management system included in Eclipse.

Within Eclipse, select “Install new software…” from the “Help” menu, and add the following download site:

You can find the categories Runtime, SDK and Models. Install all of them.


There are several related tools and add-ins which support working with specific modalities or provide advanced features.