Audio Manager

SiAM-dp Audio Manager is a separate component that provides out-of-the-box audio services (speech recognition, speech synthesis…) in multiple languages to SiAM-dp applications under Windows. It is designed as an accompanying application for SiAM-dp, but can also be used stand-alone or with other applications. An extensive documentation is included.

Download Audio Manager here   (be sure to unblock the file after download)
Documentation (PDF)   (includes installation instructions)
Troubleshooting / FAQ



Streaming Clients

Instead of using system devices (physical devices connected to the local machine), Audio Manager can also connect to any other audio source/target through plug-ins. A very common use case is to connect to stream audio data to a remote machine for playback, or retrieve streaming data from a remote server for recording. Other streaming scenarios are supported too.

For the remote end, several streaming thin client / server implementations that are compatible with Audio Manager are available:

  • Java Streaming Client
  • Android Interface (contains code to provide recording and playback, like above, for integration in Android apps)

Java API – libAM

You can use the SiAM-dp Audio Manager Library for Java in order to have an easy-to-use API for integrating ASR/TTS services directly into Java applications. This API is used in addition to the main Audio Manager download from above. For questions contact Christian Bürckert.